The organisation

The organisation was founded in 2002 by the current Board and friends.

The BHCH is financed by the sponsoring of children, as well as private and institutional donations, and project contributions from charitable foundations. A sponsorship covers the living and educational expenses of a child. Additional donations make it possible to expand and maintain the facilities or fund extra expenses and projects. The organisation's board members all work on a voluntary basis.

The organisation is recognised as a non-profit by the tax authorities (Finanzamt) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Contributions for sponsorships, membership fees and donations are tax-deductible in Germany.

Sponsoring a child at BHCH provides the opportunity to have personal contact with the sponsored child which, over the years, can develop into a valuable and enriching experience for both the sponsor and the child. It is possible to visit the children at any time and get to know another culture.


Boarding student .... EUR 900,– / per year
(includes all living expenses, school, clothing and medical care)
Day students ......... EUR 500,– / per year
(includes education, two meals per day, school clothes, and medical care)
Sponsorship includes membership in Children’s Bright Horizon e.V.

Membership in the organisation

Membership fees .... EUR 50,– / per year

Contributions and donations

The Children's Home is also in need of additional contributions and donations to fund long-term projects like vocational training, as well as to cover extra expenses, such as special medical expenses or visits to relatives on school breaks.

Bank transfer details

Children’s Bright Horizon e.V., Norddeutsche Landesbank, IBAN:  DE14 2505 0000 0152 0842 99